Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Yummy version of classic Churros

Actually it shouldn't be called floaters...but I didn't know what to call it as its name in Arabic is so difficult to translate :))
Am so happy...I twisted a recipe of something else and came up with  that  desert just to satisfy my craving for something sweet -yet- new.
My kids loved it and my so did my hubby ...I was so glad when I heard the OOOOOOHHHHHH word from him when he saw them !!!!
Let's do it :))

You will need:
For the dough :250 cc water
5 gm salt
5gm sugar
100 cc oil
200 gm all purpose flour.
3 eggs
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract.

For sugar syrup:
2 cups sugar.
1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

What to do:
well, do not get surprised of the upcoming step ok !!
*Put a pan on high heat
*Add the water ,oil,sugar,salt and oil.
*bring them to boil
*Add all the flour and on medium heat continue to stir the dough with a wooden spoon quickly {on medium heat} until the dough is no longer sticky and well formed into one piece.
*turn your heat off.and let the dough cool in another bowl .
*when it is completely cooled ..add your eggs one at a time and stir quickly with a wooden spoon OR you can use your hands as I did.
* when you finish adding all three you have a bit sticky dough, don't should be.!!
*bring the pastry bag {with rather big star tip} put your dough in it and start forming 5 cm floaters with it and fry it....PUT IT IN THE OIL BEFORE YOU TURN ON THE is if you want it crunchy and crispy. :))))
* in order to place it in the oil can cut it with  scissors as soon as you get your 5 cm long floater..another hint...see how generous I am .!!:)))

put the 2 cups of sugar and the water in a sauce pan on medium heat and when it starts to thicken add the lemon juice ...when it reaches the desired consistency..turn the heat off.

How to eat them??
All what I did was adding that syrup to them and ate them immediately...YUMMY.

*add some chocolate or caramel sauce .
*open them and  eat them stuffed with Mascarpone, custard ...

BELHANA...OR buon Appetito



Amanda said...

Just call them fried pastries, since that's what they are :)

You really don't want to use the word "floaters". At least in American slang, it's VERY unappetizing.

Lauren Zabaneh said...

these are beautiful! and I have to admit, the name 'floaters' made me curious! I love any Arabic food. what a treat! I'm going to run these by the hubby to see if he's ever had them. cheers!

Angie's Recipes said...

These look so delish!

Nesrina said...

Name edited Amanda

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! Love it! and I am very envious of you - I have a dream on visiting Egypt... just have to save the $$$$. My husband traveled there and sailed down the Nile...wish I was there! Looking forward to your posts and recipes... I loved being turned on to new food! Megsn

Nesrina said...

OMG!!I was commenting on your new post while you were commenting on mine...:))) thank you and it will be my pleasure when I am back to Egypt that you visit me ..:)))

Priscilla - She's Cookin' said...

These look delicious! but not something the doctor would order ;) We're allowed occasional indulgences tho, right?

Nesrina said...

Yes are right ,but of course I
would recommend these fried fingers...those are mine for God sake :))))) LOL

Shannon said...

Looks similar to the Persian Bamieh dessert.

Nesrina said...

@Angie...Thank you.
@lauren....they used to be...but not they are not ! :)))

Dajana said...

These look exactly as what we call "tulumbe" in Bosnia, love them, but never tried making them myself. Good job

Nesrine said...

Dajana....yes, actually they are called in Egypt (balah elsham)or the dates of sham...and sham means the area of lebanon and syria together., I guess this dessert is originally lebanese.

Sarah@Buttered Up said...

Nesrine! You're Egyptian! So am I. :) Glad to find another fellow Egyptian food blogger. We're so rare. I was so excited to see balah el sham on here. Shaga3teeni. I'm now willing to give it a go. :D

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