Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nectarine Cupcakes

  I made my first cupcake...yes, Finally ..did it!
after having a bad day,try to bake something and if turned out good,look how happy you will be.
that was exactly what happened to me,though mine were not so pretty as what I see on other websites..but at least they taste really good, me and my kids had fun making and decorating was a good end to bad day!!

  Today I will be so brief and will take you quickly to the original recipe here.
Though she used peaches, I couldn't find peaches so I used nectarine. !!
Ah by the way , how was it going on foodbuzz first PFB challenge??
wish to all of you best of luck.

For the batter
Cream you butter then add and mix your sugar

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Good luck to all of you  :)

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