Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to make Pizza like an Italian

      La Pizza , or as they pronounce it in Italy ( Pi-tssa)... It took me about a year and a half to master this recipe .  they bake it here in (forno a legno) or a wood-fired oven also known as wood ovens  , and they are  the BEST !
well, since I don't have this oven , don't have a pizza stone either .. it took me months to figure out what can I do to make this wonderful pizza in a no muss no fuss way . IN ONLY 2 HOURS.

Pizza rules :
1- Use bread flour , All -purpose won't work .
2- Add salt in the end , just before transferring  the dough to your work surface . salt is yeast 1st enemy.
3- Let it rise in a humid place.
4- Do not use a rolling pin to roll it , put a ball in your baking pan and roll it by hand.
5-Your oven must be really hot before baking.
5- Sprinkle some olive oil and semolina  flour under your pizza crust , it makes a great textured one.

For my No-fail Pizza  crust recipe click here .

Those are the things you will need after your dough rises :
-Pizza sauce.
-Some olive oil and semolina for your pan .
-I topped mine with arugula after baking . And the rosemary in the first photo was only for shooting :)

                                                                Who Likes it HOT ?!

                                 and I had some left over dough so I made some mini Pizzas


For my No-fail Pizza  crust recipe click here .
Enjoy !

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Anonymous said...

this is called "focaccia" ... not pizza :)

Nesrine Gamal said...

ok :))

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