Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spiced Tomato Gratin...My way

Today,,,I was blessed to discover such an awesome cooking website of course all of you know it..ehmm, except for me of course !!!

Which is 101 cookbooks.....it is great actually and it inspired me of something I've always  feared of trying...BAKING!!!
My experience in baking was not happy actually!!! from burnt food to bad pizza...any way..this time I WAS HAPPY...you can find the recipe here. But i did some twists AS USUAL:))
I wouldn't be me if I didn't!!

I preferd here to use the tomatoes Datterini as they call it here in italy because it resembles dates.
I llllove it,very juicy and yummmmy.

i havn't added red pepper flakes neither butter...enough for th extra virgin olive oil..It is really hot enough!

And I didnt peel the tomatoes , I kept it as beautiful as it was.

I baked it for only 1.5 hours because the potatoes was nice and tender after 1.5 only..I uncovered it and left it to get a bit more golden for 15 minutes.
Well, it was really a project..and i loved it!!..

And that ins my daughter after she ate the tomatoes I was photographing as soon as I turned my back on her!!! ,,,THIS S NOT CHICKENPOX IN HER FACE...hahahahah.

Buon Appetito!


whatsfordinneracrossstatelines said...

Wonderful, I love potatoes and tomatoes together! Thanks for sharing, your daughter is beautiful!

Nesrine said...

@Gina...thank you dear, nice meeting you.

Al Dente Gourmet said...

Hi Nesrine,
What an inspiration!juicy tomatoes and potatoes wow! perfect combination :)

Al Dente Gourmet said...

And your daughter is beautiful :)

Nesrine said...

@Aldy...Thank you, :)) so happy u liked it.

dina sheta said...

Dear Nesrine,
nice work, i am one of ur fans,is this ur daughter? i like her a lot..hehehehehe. bardo seneyet batates :)

Nesrine said...

dear dina.....nice meeting you.
no it is my son!!!lolll

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