Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One ingredient Homemade butter and (Buttermilk)

           How many times you ran out of butter in the middle of a recipe??? frustrating, right??
Well, If you have heavy cream and a food you  do have butter ,plus, buttermilk. :DD

1- first pour 4 cups of whipping cream into your food processor ..start processing for some mintes
2. after about 5 minutes it will start to thicken then 3 minutes more it will curdle..

  3-this is the exciting part, the buttermilk starts to separate from the butter. Yup, I said it, butter!

4-Then it is time to strain the buttermilk off of the butter. We put a strainer over a large bowl and dumped it all in there. The buttermilk goes into the bowl.
5-Pick up your mass of butter and knead it a bit to squeeze the rest of the buttermilk out. you can add some salt if you like.

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