Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Caprese Salad .. with a twist !

      Today I felt like eating salad for lunch , am not that kinda person by the way , yet , who can resist the Italian Caprese salad or as they call it here ( Inslalata Caprese ) ! 
It is usually served like the photo in the end of this post .. But I decided to put it into action and rock it a little bit ! 

My version of Pisa Tower

And this is me in the "real" Pisa City

You will need these plus some salt and you are done ! 

Chop em like this , add some salt and olive oil ... e Voilà !

Ingredients :
1 Tomato
1  Mozzarella ball.
some fresh basil
Extra virgin olive oil

How to :
chop the tomato and mozzarella ,add your basil  put them on a serving plate , drizzle some olive oil and salt and here you go !!  

Another serving idea ...

enjoy !

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