Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easy strawberry Sauce

It's hubby's birthday !!!
So am really kinda busy today to write a lot .. am keeping my words short and TO THE POINT! 

First ... get yourself some FRESH strawberries , the amount depends on what you wanna use this sauce for .
For me I used like 5 big strawberries , washed and cut then put in my teeny tiny foord processor .

I added 3 TB of white sugar and 2 TB of water , and  turned the food processor on till my berries  turned out syrup-y .

 Put your strawberry mix in a sauce pan on a medium low heat for about ten minutes , stir frequently till it thickens .....AND YOU'RE DONE !
Uses :
- Pour on your pancakes 
- On your cheese cake 
- On your vanilla Ice cream .... I can go on forever !!

-And of course  on top of your cheese cake ,for the best  No-bake cheese cake Tutorial click Here

Enjoy !

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